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Plinth 2000  – Height adjustable plinths

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  • Hydraulic or Electric 
  • Foot , hand or surrounding rail activation
  • Color of your choice
  • Upholstery – top quality and  durable 
  • Life time guarantee on frame and 3 years on rest (upholstery excluded) 
  • Equipped with highest quality European  Electrics and Hydraulics
  • Made in UK



  • 2 section
  • 3 section
  • 5 section
  • 3 section Kiko 
  • Boubath
  • Gynecological
  • Chiro
  • Custom beds and sizes on request




Many more colors to chose from – visit  Plinth 2000 UK



  • High quality upholstery is a must for any good treatment couch being the interface between the couch and patient. It must remain clean and resistant to damage. We use only the best quality vinyl proven over many years and most feature an anti-microbial additive to help prevent cross infection.


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