Why is Salli the best choice?

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Salli chairs are truly unique saddle chairs – designed to perfection and to help you with:


  •  lower back problems ease quickly
  •  neck and shoulder problems ease within a few weeks
  •  blood and fluid circulation in the lower limbs improve
  •  moving, reaching and turning becomes easier and faster
  •  sitting down and getting up is really easy
  •  breathing deepens and people feel less tired
  •  strain on the knees decreases, find out if there are symptoms already

Saddle chairs, just like any other furniture, are very different quality-wise. If you are not an expert it is difficult to tell the difference between quality saddle chairs and cheap copies by just hastily testing the chair or listening to the sales person. In a high-quality saddle chair the design does not press the buttocks, inner thighs, or genital area, the padding and upholstery are cool and not too soft, and the materials of the trunk, base and wheels are of quality.

Salli is the best choice for more reasons than one, as you can see below.

Two-part seat
Only Salli can offer the two-part seat that means better genital health for both men and women.

Sway system
The latest model is Salli Sway, a superior rehabilitation aid for the lower back. The swinging mechanism enables the exercising of the back in a healthy way that improves the metabolism of the discs and the blood circulation into the lower back..

Salli has several wheel alternatives for different purposes. As the wheels are extremely important in saddle chairs, we install the best wheels based on the customer’s needs.

Only Salli chair has different kinds of bases for different purposes. Our standard base is very practical, the large base is meant for situations where extra support is needed. We also have a very small base for situations where more space for the feet is needed.

Only Salli manufactures complete workstations in which Salli tables, chairs and accessories, together with professional instructions, guarantee customer satisfaction.

The ongoing R&D, started as early as in 1990, has made Salli the most comfortable saddle chair in the market. Salli is of high Finnish quality.

Only Salli has several models and a vast selection of accessories for different purposes and work environments, from schools to management level and special work environments.

Salli uses durable materials: the trunk of the seat is made of three millimetre steel and the seat is upholstered with genuine leather, durable fabric or Finnish polyurethane for special purposes. The leather seat consists of five different material layers. Every seat is marked with an authenticity plaque with a serial number.

Salli collects information from researches and studies about sedentary health, both in Finland and from abroad. Salli also operates on behalf of the founding of a research centre of sedentary healthy, possibly within a university anywhere in the world.

Salli Systems exports its products to about 40 countries and is constantly receiving valuable international feedback to be used in its research and development.

Salli is an ethically high-class product. Salli dissociates itself of all kinds of corruption and inequality, whether sexual, ethnical or religious. The company operates according to the values of sustainable development and follows its own environmental program. The operations of Salli will be carbon neutral from the beginning of 2012. Patents ensure the integrity of our designs.