PC based Stress and Rest ECG





  • Simple, user friendly and with multiple functions
  • Precise QRS classification
  • Built-in expert system
  • Short and long resting ECG record
  • BP measurement based on auscultation method
  • Color-coded ST level, slope and ST loop graphs
  • MET – VO2 computation
  • HR, BP, load, MET graphs
  • Various printable reports
  • Customizable alarm and stop criteria
  • Ergometer and Treadmill database
  • Comparing measurements
  • Local and network operation
  • Export and import functions
  • Time - stress - frequency - BP graph
  • ECG averages report
  • HR - ST Loop report
  • Rest parameters report
  • ST summary report
  • summary report

Monitoring patient with continuous recording
Besides conventional or short-term resting ECG records, you can also make records lasting several hours.

Ergometer and Treadmill database
Besides 17 ergometer and 18 treadmill built-in protocols, the software also contains Master-Step and Walking Test. All protocols have been tested.

ECG Filtering to improve signal quality
Using an effective digital filtering technology, there is practically no baseline movement. The smoothing filter removes muscle and network noise components from the signals without distorting QRS complexes.

Reducing the number of faulty readings by synchronizing BP measurements
Defining blood pressure by QRS gate method effectively reduces the number of faulty measurements. Due to the integration, there is no QRS synchronic “slip”, so even in case of high heart frequency no such problem will occur.

Emergency stop when the patient feels discomfort or dizziness during continuous monitoring
In case a patient feels discomfort or dizziness during a stress test, monitoring can be extended up to 60 minutes with ST trends and blood pressure monitoring.





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