About Focused Magnetic Field

What is magneto therapy?

Magneto therapy is a method of physiotherapy based on an alternating low frequency magnetic field that affects the body.

Magnetic field creates a bio-stimulating effect that intensifies the oxygen utilization and improves cellular respiration, it which results in improved tissue metabolism.

The advantages of magnetic field also include the penetration of  all tissues which makes the treatment easier.

Why Focused Magnetic Filed ?

With new age of electronics and technology,  ASTAR designed and produced a very new pulsed  electro-magentic heads that are highly focused . Magnetic field created is in a form of a beam that penetrates easily up to 20 cm . 

But,  that is not all , with two focused heads facing each other the magnetic filed is  interlacing , reaching total of 40 cm penetration . That is why this units is  so effective.

What the effects of focused magnetic field?

  •  improved blood circulation

  • increased oxygen concentration in the blood

  • improved blood flow

  • overall metabolic regulation of the cells

  • improved functioning, differentiation and regeneration of the cells

  • improved regulation, communication and coordination of the cells with each other

In what conditions Focused magnetic therapy is most effective?


  • orthopedic:


dislocations, sprains, bruises

ligament and sinew injuries

traumas, arthroses

complex regional pain syndromes

  • neurological:



phantom pains

circulatory system:

peripheral arterial bloodstream disorders

  • dermatological:


Can Focused Magnetic Filed be used over  metal Implants ?

Yes , by all means. Focused magnetic filed does not cause any heat up or any other electrical impulses around metal implants .