dms services
DMS Medical Services has extensive experience in the field of repair and calibration of medical equipment.


  • Repairs to component level
  • Calibration of all ultrasound, traction and laser equipment
  • Crystal manufacturing facility
  • Mechanical workshop with CNC and high precision lathe’s for reproducing damaged and obsolete components
  • Custom made ultrasound, laser and other type of cables – oil resistive, high flex and long life
  • Batteries – custom made battery packs for most equipment on the market
  • Laser diode replacement facility with optical measuring and focusing equipment 

DMS Medical Services is specialized in following brands:


  • Enraf Nonius (Sonopuls, Endomed, Endolaser, Eltra
  • EMS (Therasonic,Medi-Link,Primo,Solo)
  • Gymna (Combi 200 , Myo 200)
  • Astar ( Etius U , Sonaris etc.)
  • Nu Tek ( Combo Rehab 2)
  • Photon Therapy Systems (Photizo Light Therapy)
  • Physiomed (Ionson, Physiodyn)
  • Dynatronics (D 850/ 950)