Suction units

SilFab Heavy Duty Pump

SilFab Heavy Duty Suction Pump







1 Liter glass bottle

Rubber membrane for durability

max vacuum     – 55 mmHg


Silent and powerful – built to last










Acaco Vacuum Unit
Astar Avaco Electrotherapy Vacuum Unit 






















Avaco, as a vacuum therapy unit, is a perfect supplement for the electrotherapy device. Operated independently, the unit may work as a vacuum therapy unit, in connection with the electrostimulator it may be used for the application of currents by suction cups with integrated electrodes.

Thanks to the vacuum placement of electrodes, treatment performing is considerably facilitated, especially in the areas where it is difficult to place the plane electrodes. Moreover, in the pulse mode the effect of a mechanic massage occurs, which gives an additional advantage – the increase in blood flow and metabolism.

A synchronized mode with generated current is an innovative feature. Vacuum is boosted in the stimulation phase and decreased in the rest time. This mode is dedicated to cooperation with training programs generated by the electrostimulator.

Self-sealing suction cups significantly increase the comfort of the unit operation, particularly in the case of single-circuit operation. The possibility of choosing different sizes of the suction cups effectively affects the therapy optimization.