High Power Laser

High Power Laser





















 Polaris HP

High Power Laser 






  • Hi power output – 18 W

  • deep penetration

  • library of various protocols  

  • suitable for small and larger treatment area

  • therapeutically highly efficient




HIGH POWER and BIOSTIMULATION LLLT laser therapy in one unit

Single-module 808 nm laser therapy unit intended for carrying out treatment procedures with the use of high power and biostimulation laser radiation.

The effectiveness of treatment procedures with the use of Polaris HP unit is based on the application of a high-power source of a single wavelength which results in deep penetration into tissue and local thermal effect, which are not observed in the case of low-level laser therapy.

Built-in laser source may operate in either continuous or pulse mode with maximum power equal to 18 W. Pulse mode is used to reduce the thermal effect.