US GEL 1.75L 005

        Ultrasound Gel  1.75L


















  • Improved formula – non drip – does not liquidize on higher temperatures
  • 1.75 L heavy duty bag with cap – the most convenient and safe dispensing
  • Only in Clear and Higher viscosity






Natural Muscle Rub -NMR

Produced  by DMS Medical Services

Best Muscle Recovery Cream

New Formula

100% Natural


Soothes pain

Reliefs muscle stiffness

Arnica, Hypercium, Peppermint, and other essential oils and extracts that makes this cream one of a kind

Available in 500 gr  and 100gr tubs

Custom made labels for further distribution and discount on larger orders

20160209_132048 copy1














Kinematics – Tex  Sports Elastic Tape

known as Kinesiology Tape

The World leader in quality taping – SPOL – South Korea



  •  5m x5cm  (11 colors available)
  •  16m x 5cm  ( 9 colors available)
  •  5m x 7.5cm  ( beige only)







Therafix tape Fixomull

Therafix undercover tape 5m x 5cm

Hypoallergenic, adhesive non-woven fabric ideal as an under dressing for all taping techniques.









Rigid Strapping Tape

SPT Rigid Strapping Tape



Rigid strapping tape

Containing hypoallergenic adhesive to help reduce the risk of skin allergic reaction.

Superb quality – extremely strong zinc oxide glue







Kinematics-Tex Sports Elastic Tape

Kinematics-Tex  Sports Elastic Tape

Superior quality Kinesiology tape

11 plain Colors available

Tattoo and Camo available too
5m x 5cm  – Plain colours

5m x 5cm – Tattoo and Camo

16m x 5cm

7.5cm x 5cm    – beige only



Discount on large orders






sterilizing liquid
plastic friendly
low chlorine content



Sterilizing gel
1 L and 5 L refill
dosing pump (optional)
alcohol based


Arnica Rub Massage Oil

Natural Arnica Touch – Therapeutic Massage Oil –  Easy wipe


No preservatives , No artificial fragrances , No Synthetic or Mineral oils

Combination of a carrier Grape Seed oil blend , true Lavender active and  Arnica Montana – Swiss grown

Oil wipes off with paper towel while  practitioner hands get washed with water only – no soap or any solvent needed 






Acupuncture needles EACU

EACU Acupuncture Needles
Best needles that you ever tried !

Silicon coated , super sharp and painless
Made out of Japanese stainless steel wire

Prices for standard sizes ( 13-75mm)
13mm x 0.22mm
25mm x 0.25mm
30mm x 0.30mm
40mm x 0.30mm
50mm x 0.30mm
50mm x 0.35mm
75mm x 0.35mm
100mm x 0.35mm   

100 Needles per box





New Spray soon to come !


Need to keep Kinesio tape for very long period while  exercising or swimming

This spray-on adhesive is just made for that application

200 ml can












ITO ES-130 Acupuncture Stimulator

ITO ES-130 Acupuncture Stimulator




  • Six independently operated channels 
  • 8 different stimulation modes
    > Constant, Burst, Surge, Fast + Slow, Sweep, Random-1, Random-2, Random-3
  • 16 free programmable memory settings
  • Saves parameters of the previous treatment
  • Find and stimulate acupuncture points
  • Ryodoraku points and storage of the measurement data
  • 4 x alkaline LR14 battery


Acupuncture Stimulator ES_130


ITO ES-130 Acupuncture Stimulator



  • Three independently controlled output channels
  • High/Low switch on the back of the unit
  • 9V battery operation
  • Outstanding quality – Made in Japan