Ultrasound units

Portable Ultrasound


ITO Portable Ultrasound unit



  • Unique one hand operation
  • Pulsed and Continuous
  • Max output over 5cm2 

Continuous 2.0W/cm2 and 3.0W/cm2 Pulsed

  • Battery and mains operated
  • Tiny in size – ideal for field work
  • Color display
  • Memory for storing favorite settings
  • Water proof
  • Outstanding quality from Japan
US portable
Portable Ultrasound















Astar Sonaris Ultrasound Unit




 Unit is available in two versions:

  • S – version co-operates with two types of ultrasound heads:

4 cm2 1 MHz or 3,5 MHz,
1 cm2  1 MHz or 3,5 MHz.

  •  M – version co-operates with one type of ultrasound head:
    4 cm2 1 MHz.