Light Therapy / Lasers

Photizo Home


Photizo Home Units




  • small and compact
  • one button operation
  • integrated battery
  • 1300mW output

Models available

  • sinus
  • skin care – wound
  • sports
  • vet care
  • pain relief


Astar Polaris 2 Laser

ASTAR Polaris 2 Laser


Advanced and powerful


Choice of few different laser probes


  • 200mW
  • 400mW
  • 1800mW cluster probe


 Backed up with many per-programed treatable conditions





Photizo light therapy device

Photizo light therapy device


  • Very effective and powerful light therapy unit
  • Battery and mains
  • Comes in carry case 
  • 4 models available ( Physio, Vet, Clinical, Beauty)


Light Probe availability 


150mW   1cm2   Standard
1200mw  12cm2 Optional


Made in RSA