Tape – Strapping


Kinematics – Tex  Sports Elastic Tape

known as Kinesiology Tape

The World leader in quality taping – SPOL – South Korea



  •  5m x5cm  (11 colors available)
  •  16m x 5cm  ( 9 colors available)
  •  5m x 7.5cm  ( beige only)







Therafix tape Fixomull

Therafix undercover tape 5m x 5cm

Hypoallergenic, adhesive non-woven fabric ideal as an under dressing for all taping techniques.









Rigid Strapping Tape

SPT Rigid Strapping Tape



Rigid strapping tape

Containing hypoallergenic adhesive to help reduce the risk of skin allergic reaction.

Superb quality – extremely strong zinc oxide glue










New Spray soon to come !


Need to keep Kinesio tape for very long period while  exercising or swimming

This spray-on adhesive is just made for that application

200 ml can